Whether you’re moving an entire home for a short while or a few items for an extended period of time, AROUND THE TOWN MOVING & STORAGE is your high value, low cost efficient choice. We are not your average storage facility. Our indoor and climate controlled storage is a safe and secured facility offering one of the most advanced security systems around, combined with 24-hour camera surveillance and a gated lot.

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Choosing a moving and storage company that meets your needs can be overwhelming. If you’re trying to decide between a self storage container and containerized storage, there are sever al factors to consider. We’ve laid out the pros and cons of each option to help you determine the best choice for you.

The Pitfalls of Self-Storage
Self-storage units are secure but not contained. Items moved into self-storage facilities aren’t monitored, so be aware that adjacent units may contain hazardous materials or be infested with bugs.You may not be able to purchase adequate insurance. Most self-storage facilities only offer tenants the ability to purchase a minimal amount of coverage.Most self-storage facilities don’t mail out monthly invoices nor do they send out emails until the due date deadline just before late fees are applied. These facilities charge a move-in administration fee and typically increase their rates after the first few months of storage. Units at self-storage facilities come in various sizes. Tenants can only hope that they select an appropriate-sized unit and some tenants end up paying for more space than they require. Others end up with an inadequate space and have to rent an additional unit to accommodate their needs. The square foot rental cost is higher for smaller units.Exterior units can encounter problems during cold winter months.Because movers remove their blankets and protective materials once they reach their destination, your furniture and stored items are more likely to get bumped and bruised.

While there are numerous concerns when it comes to self-storage, the benefit is that tenants are able to access their storage boxes and containers on a whim, seven days a week.

The Benefits of Containerized Storage with AROUND THE TOWN MOVING & STORAGE
There are many advantages of storing your furniture and valued items in containers at Around The Town Moving and Storage:

When items are placed in containerized storage, all furniture is blanket wrapped and remains blanket wrapped until it is safely removed from storage. Items are then are packed away in large wooden containers which are completely sealed and secure. Wooden containers are the optimal environment for such items as furniture. Full value coverage can be purchased to properly insure the goods you are placing in storage and give you peace of mind. All movement into and out of the storage facility is managed and monitored by our team. This allows us to assure tenants that there are no hazardous materials or infested shipments under our roof. Tenants only pay for the amount of space they use. Rental fees are stable, so you don’t have to worry about your storage expenses increasing after a few months. Best of all, there are no costly move-in administration fees. If you do need to access your storage container, warehouseman are onsite to assist you.

The only restriction of containerized storage is that because stored items are sealed and secured, access must be scheduled during regular business hours and a fee will apply.

If you’re looking for a moving and storage company you can trust, turn to Around The Town Moving and Storage. Our containerized storage is a safe, affordable place to leave your valued possessions and furniture.

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