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We offer a variety of services including residential and office moves, as well as free onsite estimates, and secure storage facilities! For professional Movers in Atlanta GA, Call us today!

Movers Atlanta

Moving an entire household is stressful, and we’re here to help you with managing your relocation stress.

Local Moving

Moving your home can be a stressful process, but Around the Town Moving & Storage is here to make your transition as stress-free as possible. 

Atlanta Storage

Around the Town Moving and Storage is the high value, low cost efficient choice for your Atlanta storage needs in Marietta Ga.

Commercial Moving

Minimal downtime is an important factor when  moving your businesses. Count on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently in Atlanta.

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    What Our Customers Say

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    I'm a repeat customer with Around the Town and both experiences have been top notch. My most recent move was fast, smooth, and cost-effective; movers Kevonté, Cornelius, and Binky were on time, treated my things with care, and worked quickly. The company service manager even stopped by to check on the project during the move. I recommend Around the Town Movers for anyone in Cobb County.

    Doug Goodwin

    This company made my last minute move so easy! They fit me into their schedule, arrived on time, and moved me in a timely fashion. Very professionally. I will definitely use these kind men for all of my future moves! Thank you Around the Town !

    Royalle Lazard

    Around the town movers & storage helped me make Atlanta feel more like home. I wanted a piano picked up and they quickly made that dream happen for me. Timothy was incredible kind, helpful and patient when helping me to coordinate this pickup/drop off. I’ll never forget this experience bc it was one of my first big purchases on my own and they helped to make it happen. Thank you :)

    Amanda McCreight

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    Take a look below at the wide range of professional Movers services we provide. 

    Local ​Moving

    Professional movers make moving your home can be a stressful process, but Around the Town Moving & Storage is here to make your transition as stress-free as possible. 

    Long Distance Moving

    Intrastate moves are those greater than 50 miles radius of the origin within the state. We offer first class, direct service to any state within a 700 mile radius.

    Commercial Moving

    We understand that minimal downtime is an important factor in moving your  businesses. No matter what your business, we get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Packing Services

    If you are running short on time and need additional hands to assist in packing your belongings, our packing team is here to help.

    Climate Controlled Storage

    Our climate-controlled, gated facility is safe and secure, offering one of the most advanced security systems combined with 24-hour camera surveillance.


    Whether you require distribution or fulfillment, or a complete supply chain solution, we can provide a customized logistic solution tailored to your needs.

    Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

    We put together this easy Movers in Atlanta Packing Tips.

    With the right materials and Around the Town Moving's helpful packing tips, it can be a worthwhile way to save money on your relocation costs.

    With the information below, we will equip you with the tools to achieve professional results and maximize the protection of your possessions.

    By packing things appropriately and in an organized fashion, you can ensure the safety of your items and prevent damage. Plus, the better you pack, the easier it is to unpack in your new space! Call our Professional Movers Atlanta Today!

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    Please call: 770 378 4708

    At Around the Town Moving & Storage, we are dedicated to making your move as stress-free as possible. With us, you will never have to compromise professional and courteous service for affordability.

    Looking For A Local Atlanta ​Mover Service For Your Home?

    A great move in Atlanta starts by securing a team of people whose positive outlook and experience are as outstanding as their abilities. You won’t find better movers anywhere in Atlanta! The business of handling and delivering all of your most precious belongings commands careful attention. And it also warrants the latest equipment and cutting-edge training. Although there is no problem that we cannot solve when it comes to home moving in Atlanta we additionally offer commercial packing and moving, and we even do eviction move-outs. A moving company that offers all the services that we do, that insists on the latest equipment and also stresses complete training, is the choice to go with rather than start up Movers in Atlanta who offer only one thing: home moving. We are the best known full-service in Atlanta. For additional information, give our Atlanta moving specialists a call. 

    Are Cut-Rate  Movers Atlanta Your Best Bet?

    If your impression is that the fee is just too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out! Fake Atlanta moving companies will up the charges in lots of other ways. With cheap movers in Atlanta the initial ballpark quote is usually 20-30% less than other reputable Atlanta moving companies. Additionally, they will specify too high a down payment. It’s common to require $100 -$200 as an upfront payment but never be coerced into paying as much as 25% of the entire job! Atlanta expenses and problems can unfortunately skyrocket on your moving day, your personal possessions can disappear, and untold amounts of damage can befall your furniture as well as your Atlanta home. You do get exactly what you pay for from a mover. Cheap is dangerous. We’re professional. Call us.

    What Can You Expect a Moving Company To Be Responsible For?

    When a mover is well thought of in their field you can be assured of the most professional outcome here – and all without damage to any of your possessions. All parts of an Atlanta or out of state move should be done in the utmost professional manner: timely and courteous. Only accept the best. All appliances and furniture must be securely padded. Additionally , all flooring, banisters and wall corners should be covered with drop cloths and padding. This protects those surfaces from dirt, chips and dents. When you’re interested in finding the top movers then your search ends at this website. You will discover top services for any of your moving needs, whether in Atlanta or long distance. Atlanta Movers can easily take on the most demanding situations. This could include removing junk and appliances from eviction homes in Atlanta. Even if we are packing for you, and not unpacking, or just installing or packing up your appliances, you can be sure of a successful move if you choose us as your company in Atlanta.

    Do Long Distance Moving Companies Do Packing and Unpacking On Location?

    Whether you move near or far, unpacking or packing up a large home or small business is guaranteed to be stressful and time-consuming. We can do full packing, partial or even single item packing for you. Full packing service means we pack all of your possessions for you. We can unpack it if you desire. Partial packing can be packing just one room, or only the items you specify. For packing of heavy furniture or delicate items, we can do single item packing if that is all you need. If you so desire, we can pack anything you want, when you want – but don’t forget, we do a great job of unpacking as well. When you give us a call, wanting the very best, you’ll learn we have a stellar reputation for surpassing client expectations with our highly trained staff. A record of quality results and dependability have made us the top mover in Atlanta. Our clients needs are exceptionally important to us. You can try to do it all yourself, but it’s easier for us to do it for you. When you want complete Atlanta packing services, loading and unloading, packing and delivery services, or just wrapping of furniture or packing boxes we are your mover in Atlanta.

    What You Need To Know About Our Commercial Moving Services

    All respectable movers are willing to supply you with a full selection of options available from them. Only the top movers offer a medley of services like storage rooms, including packing and unpacking choices. Perhaps you only need a basic move of a single person from a small apartment, or perhaps you’re moving the contents of a large home, we want to be your mover. Other moving services you might need might include eviction moving, moving a business, office, or even a retail store, or packing and movement of freight. Cheap movers do not offer such a selection. We’re your best choice in Atlanta

    Have Questions Pertaining To Storage & Moving?

    Cheap Atlanta's movers don’t offer the storage options that we do. We offer wooden crate containerized storage. You can insure containerized, wooden storage boxes, and all your furniture is padded. The boxes are kept in a highly secured location. This keeps your possessions clean: dirt and dust-mite free. Also, we know the substances and contents of the other crates ensuring that there are no bugs or hazardous materials of any kind in our secured area. During business hours, you may access your crate for a small charge. This kind of storage is the cleanest and most secure there is. Commonly, companies only have self-storage available, but there are problems with that type of storage. You won’t know if there are unsafe materials or bugs in nearby storage units. Plus, your items will not stay clean, be protectively padded or insured. For us, it’s an easy choice. Keep your possessions clean and safe in a wooden crate in a secured location. Call for more information and find out why we are considered one of the best movers in Atlanta.

    How To Move with a Trustworthy Atlanta Company

    Don’t hire any local company from online. Only contact a very trusted and proven company. If you are presented with an estimated cost from an Atlanta Movers that is especially low or is quoted without a representative personally viewing your items, don’t trust them as it’s a rip-off! Too many ruthless fake companies lock up your personal possessions in storage units to force you to pay them more money. Don’t work with company who are fly-by-night and could pull something like that on you. Report anything suspicious. You definitely must get the references for previous clients as well as read online testimonials. From their reference list, speak to as many people as possible from several companies before signing on any dotted line. A dependable Atlanta Movers company will arrange to visit your home to look at all that needs to be done. Don’t be hesitant to ask for an estimation of all costs from several companies.

    Have You Have Been Evicted?

    If you need a company because your tenants have left without notice or you are the tenant who must move, we help either type of client – whether the property is residential or commercial. We’re the best at removing swing sets, bulk trash, old appliances, trash, and even furniture. We also know how to remove sheds, decks, fences, junk and even construction debris. No eviction job is too big or complicated for us to handle. We can also change locks. Right after an eviction has been ordered all personal items and debris must be taken away within 24-72 hours. if you leave things behind after your move – your landlord may keep, throw away or even sell them. This also means clothing, food, cars or anything else you leave like appliances and furniture. It even includes a mobile home or land lease home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the landlord or tenant – we’re there to make the situation go more smoothly. We are a well-known local source of eviction moving. We serve the entire state of Georgia as well. We are the company you will want to work with.

    How much do movers cost in Atlanta?

    Atlanta moving companies may charge on average $25-$50 per hour, per worker in Atlanta. The charges will change because of local Atlanta labor costs, the area cost of business, and the nature of the services the company are providing. Employing a professional company in  Atlanta can cost between $515 and $1,420 for your average project. The price of many Atlanta projects done locally usually range in price from $800 – $2,000 for your standard 4-bedroom Atlanta house. The expense for your standard project out of state, or across the country averages about $1,000 per room with an average cost of 50 cents per pound.

    Contact our Atlanta Moving Company today! Call Around the Town Moving for a professional Moving company in Atlanta, providing Atlanta Movers service to the Atlanta area, and across the USA. 

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